About Us

NAMI PA Montgomery County, works to provide help, hope and healing for those affected by mental illness.

NAMI Montgomery County is a grass-roots education, support and advocacy organization that was founded in 1979. Our mission; improve the quality of life for those affected by mental illness through support, education and advocacy.  Together with our national organization and state affiliate, we offer educational programs, support groups and phone support.  We continue to advocate for better services, legislative changes, and increased research on mental illnesses.  For more information please call 215-361-7784 or email NAMI-MontCoPA.


NAMI PA Montgomery County is dedicated to supporting the citizens of Montgomery County who are affected by mental illness. We provide updated information, resources and support to all in need. NAMI PA Montgomery County educates those living with mental illness, their families as well as the general public about mental illness and promotes hope and recovery at all times. We work to develop a strong, coherent system that offers a continuum of care that includes all that is needed for a full life in the community. NAMI PA Montgomery County strives to eradicate stigma.

Mission and Vision

NAMI PA Montgomery County is a grass roots organization of families and individuals whose lives have been affected by mental illness. We advocate for lives of quality and respect, without discrimination and stigma, for all of our constituents. we provide leadership and advocacy, legislation, policy development, education and support throughout Montgomery County.


NAMI Montgomery County originated in Families Unite for Mental Health Rights (FUMHR), founded by Ed and Kate LeBlanc in May 1977, who organized meetings at their home. By September 1979, membership had grown to 400 families. FUMHR became affiliated with NAMI after the founding of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill in 1979.

In December 1981, the group opened an office in Oreland, called the State Office. NAMI Pennsylvania subsequently re-established itself with an office in Harrisburg. In 1986, FUMHR changed its name to The Alliance for the Mentally Ill, and AMI of Eastern Pennsylvania later separated into affiliates for each of the five counties of southeastern Pennsylvania.

AMI of Montgomery County continued to grow with advocacy activities, support groups, and family education courses. In 1996, it moved into its own office and meeting place in Glenside to bring together the various support groups, courses, and library.

The current NAMI name aligns with our national organization. Our mission remains the same: to improve the lives of all those affected by mental illness through support, education, and advocacy.